Google Search real-time finally available in France

As anticipated, the search feature real time has emerged for the French version of the Google engine.

Announced preview Friday last, the real-time research has indeed made its appearance in the French (and other) engine Google. The debut late Friday afternoon while the functionality was already a reality for the English version of Google since December 2009. In France, users will therefore have to test this time to ascertain the actual results of the second round of regional elections in 2010 for example.

With this real-time search, the results are gleaned from several news sites, blogs and social networks, and displayed instantly. Note particularly the frequent Twitter relay messages, in fact, quite logical because of the nature of the microblogging service. Publications from forums are also sometimes displayed, even perhaps "pollute" the display results.

To display the results real-time, must take his complaint. Where appropriate, directly in the results page, a link "Latest results for [application] is displayed. In this connection, a flow of real-time results are available. The results scroll with the possibility for the user to interrupt this flow (paused and then resumed).

Clicking on the generic entry that can display real-time results. Also via "show options" proposed in the blue banner in the search field and the "New" under "Any Date.


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