Heavy Rain: The DLC dated

Quantic Dream had previously very difficult to define its plans and give us a release date for the DLC.

The Paris company has finally managed to date The Taxidermist, the first DLC for Heavy Rain. It will be available on the PlayStation Store from April 1 next to a price of 6.00 $$. At that price, fans have the right to start with a new runway at the controls of the beautiful Madison Paige, always so reckless and curious.

This curiosity will be responsible for many evils that must be overcome by using QTE other dialogues. This DLC will contain like chapters from multiple conventional scriptwriting that the player may discover according to their choices and interactions. It is likely that death is not one of those issues.

Indeed, the four now planned DLC will take place before all the original game, difficult to disappear as a recurring character early in the series. One only hopes that these additional tracks will be used in future DLC coming and they will have an impact on the basic game.


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