Novarra Releases Report and Network Operator Cost Analysis Tool for Mobile Internet Investment

Billions of dollars in savings from cloud services while capitalizing on explosive traffic growth from video, smartphones and mobile internet devices.

Novarra, the Internet Mobility company, today released findings demonstrating how the tsunami of mobile web, video and app usage from data hungry smartphone and netbook subscribers impacts underlying network costs and capacity. With the right modelling and analysis of mobile web usage, operators can understand the metrics for profitability and investment which lead to reduced annual capex and opex costs. Using a cloud-based data optimization architecture, for every 10 million data subscribers, $1.5 billion can be saved annually for LTE networks and over $5 billion for HSPA.  

Findings from the report show that cloud-based mobile data optimization improves profitability for network operators by:

  • Reducing delivery cost per megabyte, from $0.026 to $0.013, on HSPA and EV-DO
  • Servicing 2-3X more data traffic and subscribers with given network infrastructure
  • Enabling cost-effective video services for portable devices and smartphones
  • Improving consumer experience through faster load times without buffering delays
  • Deferring costly network capacity upgrades by 18 months for HSPA networks

The analysis tool includes a comprehensive data traffic model developed using industry statistics and projections as well as Novarra usage data from smartphones and other mobile devices. A precise financial impact scenario can be generated by customizing parameters including device mix, data and video usage forecast, network throughput, and equipment costs that are specific to each service provider.  This aids network operators in determining how best to allocate funding and resources to profitably address the data traffic tsunami. Download the whitepaper at or contact Novarra to access the network analysis tool.

“Profitability from mobile internet growth is being threatened by network congestion and the escalating cost of data delivery,” comments Greg Johnson, Office of the CTO at Novarra.  ”We created this model because we recognize that simply upgrading the radio access network is not a timely or cost effective solution to handle exploding consumer usage patterns.  It is imperative that operators take steps immediately to manage over the air data traffic, beyond the network core, which has traditionally been difficult and costly.”

Novarra’s cloud-based architecture leverages application layer intelligence in addition to network layer acceleration and compression technologies for maximum optimization. This next generation approach outperforms first generation solutions, resulting in over-the-air data reduction as high as 80%.  Novarra, the pioneer in mobile internet, video and cloud-based web apps provides services to Verizon Wireless, Vodafone UK, Turkcell, Telecom Italia, Hutchison Three Group and Yahoo!




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