Opera 10.51 version released for Windows

Still only for Windows, Opera Software delivers a first maintenance release of its browser Opera 10.50.

The Norwegian publisher today released Opera for Windows 10.51. This update and maintenance of stability was particularly expected to correct a security vulnerability as the name used by Secunia. The Opera team has preferred to talk about the variant of a problem unrelated to safety with a theoretical possibility to allow execution of arbitrary code … Anyway, this problem is now solved with a bonus another.

In addition, Opera 10.51 solves its share of bugs that affected several components of what is primarily an Internet suite. Bugs related to user interface such as drag and drop that does not work with certain bodies, research performed integrated Google searches and not on the page, the favicons were not added to Bookmarks .

Other bugs were related to e-mail client, while improvements are also announced in the release notes for the JavaScript engine Carakan. Even faster as the results on several benchmarks.

10.51 Opera for Windows can be downloaded from this page. Last week Opera Software has welcomed the impact of Ballot Screen in Europe. 10.50 Opera has not yet debuted (stable) on Mac OS X and GNU / Linux.


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