Nintendo 3DS officially announced

Rumors were numerous in recent days regarding the upcoming Nintendo DS. The company will not wait for E3 as expected and has officially announced the 3DS.

Rumors have forced Nintendo to unveil soon its plans for its upcoming Nintendo DS? While we were all expecting an announcement at the next E3, Nintendo takes us all short spreading a simple press release in which the next model of the DS is formalized.

This console next door to the moment the working title of 3DS. If this name is not definitive, it is nonetheless suggestive of the coming features of the DS: Console games will turn into three dimensions and the player will not need to wear special glasses to be aware of reliefs. Another detail which has lingered on the manufacturer, its release date. Nintendo would sell the console before the month of March 2011.

The press release does not spread more extensively on the subject, but promises a more detailed presentation during the next E3, which, to reiterate, will be held from 15 to 17 June next.


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