Nokia Siemens Networks establishes Smart Labs to optimize applications for smart devices

Smart device users receive a boost

Nokia Siemens Networks has announced the formation of Smart Labs to enhance the everyday experience of smart device users. Smart Labs will operate from two laboratories, one in Espoo, Finland, and one in Dallas, Texas, with the aim of boosting mobile broadband usability and fostering the mobile Internet ecosystem and cooperation between key stakeholders. Smart Labs will focus on the optimal interworking between smart devices, mobile apps, and networks. 

To truly meet the expectations of people who demand always-on connectivity the key components of the mobile Internet ecosystem – applications, devices, and networks – must work together smoothly. This can only be achieved when all ecosystem stakeholders work together toward the same goal. Nokia Siemens Networks has established Smart Labs to ensure that applications, devices and networks are designed to interwork seamlessly from the beginning of production, launch or deployment. Smart Labs will focus on the key factors that have the most impact on the experience of someone using a smart device, and drive alignment across those elements in cooperation with the industry’s leading service providers, device manufacturers, application developers, and systems integrators.

“Smart devices come with unique challenges that necessitate innovative solutions,” said Phil Kendall, director at Strategy Analytics, a global research and consulting firm. “Nokia Siemens Networks was quick to recognize the signaling issues smart devices can cause, and its Smart Labs initiative reflects the company’s commitment to address the other challenges and opportunities these devices present.”

“As mobile data from smart devices soars, our goal is to test innovation via the sort of industry collaboration that we are leading with Smart Labs,” said Marc Rouanne, head of Network Systems, Nokia Siemens Networks. “We will focus on better understanding of how different applications and devices perform over cellular networks to identify ways to optimize the various components. We’re especially interested in exploring what can be learned from customer data to help deliver personalized services.”

With Smart Labs, Nokia Siemens Networks continues to invest in and further develop the mobile broadband ecosystem for existing 3G and upcoming LTE networks to enhance its end-to-end capabilities in the mobile Internet space. The Smart Lab in Finland already has work underway on today’s leading smart devices, operating systems and applications for HSPA/HSPA+ networks. The Dallas Smart Lab, opening this summer, will specialize in LTE as this technology may be deployed in North America as early as the end of 2010.



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