Motorola Announced The new Power-Packed WiMAX CPEi 825 Wireless Broadband Modem

The Networks business of Motorola, Inc., the worldwide leader in developing and deploying WiMAX 802.16e networks, today announced the latest WiMAX device added to its extensive portfolio of customer premises equipment (CPE) and USB dongles.

The new CPEi 825 wireless broadband modem supports data and voice with an integrated voice over IP (VoIP) port. It builds upon the functionality of earlier CPEs in the portfolio to deliver improved uplink performance, network operations, management and self diagnostics, meaning a better experience for customers and decreased expense for operators due to the unit’s remote management capability.

The CPEi 825 also features multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) functionality, a highly sensitive receiver, omni-directional performance, high-power output and high-gain polarized antennas with switched transmit diversity. These factors stretch the service level areas of the network, improve cell-edge performance, reduce uplink overhead on the access points and increase uplink efficiency, which is the limiting factor in most WiMAX network deployments. Together, these factors improve the end-user experience and enhance the overall site capacity.

“The CPEi 825 is based on Motorola’s proven WiMAX CPE experience gained from the performance of our devices in dozens of networks operating around the world,” said Bruce Brda, senior vice president, Motorola Networks. “This is our fourth-generation WiMAX CPE platform, and with each generation, we build in more functionality while driving down the prices so our operators can compete more effectively.”

The CPEi 825 has one data port and one voice access port. It also features a firewall for security, providing an effective solution for residential communication needs. The desktop unit can be mounted on a wall with an optional accessory that lets users position the unit in the best possible location for improved indoor performance.

Motorola’s latest CPE features easy-to-read signal strength indicators and WiMAX network, data and voice status indicators on the front of the device that are visible from a greater than 240-degree view angle. This feature makes it easier for users to check the status of the device.

In addition, the Motorola CPEi 825 supports remote management capability, allowing management and health monitoring of the devices from a standards-based centralized device management server, such as OMA-DM or TR-069 platforms. Network operators may further benefit from using Motorola’s NBBS remote device management software platform – built on industry-standard protocols, providing maximum flexibility for the operator with multi-vendor CPE support – allowing effective, reliable management of all configurable devices, including support for TR-069, OMA-DM, SNMP, WIB, Telnet and HTTP DL Server – streamlining operations, improving customer care and delivering enhanced services.

The CPEi 825 will be available in the 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz bands beginning in Q3 2010. Check out the new  Power-Packed, Fourth-Generation WiMAX CPEi 825 for Voice and Data:

Motorola Networks business delivers fully integrated and customizable media solutions enabling operators to offer personalized, rich media experiences to their subscribers. As a global wireless infrastructure leader, Motorola is committed to 4G with WiMAX and LTE solutions that provide a way for operators to profitably meet the ever-growing demand for mobile broadband today while giving 2G and 3G customers a future path as we continue to support their legacy networks. Motorola brings its services, fourth-generation orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) platform and 25 years of wireless data systems innovation, experience and expertise to bear as operators – wireline, wireless, cable and telco – seek to evolve their networks for the future.

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