Intel preparing Core i5 665K and Core i7 875K processors

The California group Intel, the world of processors, will launch two new models. Exploiting the LGA1156 socket, these new processors meet the names of Core i5 665K and 875K Core i7.

The first is a derivative of the Core i5 650 with a fine engraving of 32 nanometers, a clock speed of 3.2GHz, 4MB cache third level and a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 73 Watts. The second relies on him on the Core i7 870, resuming his fine engraving of 45 nanometers, its clock frequency to 2.93 GHz, the L3 cache of 8MB and TDP of 95 Watts.

The only difference between these new processors and those which they are derived is the multiplier which is released as mentioned in the K to the end of their names, and as already offer chips Intel Extreme Edition or AMD Black Edition.

These new Intel CPUs are expected by the end of second quarter 2010. It remains now to find out their prices, on which nothing has filtered out yet.


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