SpyZooka alerts of PcsProtector Trojan

PcsProtector can be acquired by a computer when video codecs are installed from suspicious websites to watch online movies. This rogue antispyware program uses Trojans to infiltrate PCs with disastrous results. SpyZooka’s new software removes PcsProtector and keeps computers safe during future usage.

Pcs Protector comes from the Winisoft family of rogue applications and from pop-ups to security warnings, this junkware will tell you anything to try to dupe you into buying their product. Doing so will only lead to a loss from your bank account and added frustration.

Once this Trojan has gained access, it will embed itself into computer registries and configure itself to run automatically each time Windows is logged into. A deluge of fake security alerts will appear along with system scans that provide false results about innocuous infections. The files that are displayed are the same ones that are randomly named and placed there by PcsProtector itself.

PcsProtector encourages users to purchase their software to protect themselves from viruses PcsProtector has installed. A sample of the warning message displayed may look like this:

Spyware Alert!

Your computer is infected with spyware. It could damage your critical files or expose your private data on the Internet. Click here to register your copy of PcsProtector and remove spyware threats from your PC.

SpyZooka software was created by the malware removal experts at BluePenguin Software. SpyZooka has been recognized by numerous independent agencies for its excellence. While attempting to combat spyware and threats to a computer it’s important to use a software company that has a history and a reputation of reliability. SpyZooka offers a money back guarantee which ensures consumer protection.

“PCsProtector’s warnings can look extremely authentic and alarming but do not be fooled. You will not be protected from anything,” said Carl Haugen of BluePenguin. “We encourage consumers to do research on any computer protection program before spending their money. We stand behind our product and welcome inquiries.”


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