Open Solutions For The Virtual Era Announced by Dell


  • Dell defies industry trends by announcing open platforms that give customers an alternative to closed, proprietary stacks
  • New strategy and solutions enables customers to devote more of their IT budgets to innovation and cut the costs of “keeping the lights on”
  • New integrated, interoperable and modular platforms empower customers to build highly virtualized datacenters and cloud computing platforms

At a time when competitors are producing increasingly proprietary products, Dell today announced open, standards-based solutions that let customers of all sizes integrate new technologies without sacrificing performance or their existing IT investments. Dell’s new solutions and flexible services free customers to capitalize on the ‘Virtual Era’ of the technology industry and realize new levels of efficiency, with a goal of reducing data management costs by up to 50 percent and making room in budgets for the strategic investments they need to make now.

“Enterprise innovation and efficiency depends on solutions that are open, capable and affordable,” said Steve Schuckenbrock, President, and Dell Large Enterprise. “Dell is uniquely open and un-tethered to legacy assets and proprietary approaches to deliver against these needs. The CIO agenda isn’t about managing OPEX at the expense of CAPEX, or, innovation at the expense of open. It is about driving efficiency without compromise and reinvesting the savings towards innovation and returning shareholder value.”

More than ever, customers are dealing with two fundamental pain points – storing and sorting the explosion of data, and managing and operating the infrastructure and applications needed to run the business. Dell today announced solutions targeted at these pain points through an innovative end-to-end approach that leverages new and existing technology assets, including the Perot Systems and KACE acquisitions, and Dell’s industry-leading partner ecosystem. Dell will deliver these solutions to customers the way they want them – in business-ready configurations or via the cloud as a service.

The need for Dell’s new approach is great, given the explosion of data companies face today. According to IDC, at nearly 500 exabytes – or 500 billion gigabytes – the “Digital Universe,” if converted to pages of text and assembled into books, would stretch to Pluto and back 10 times. IDC estimates that the Digital Universe will double every 18 months.



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