BIOWARE to provide regular DLC for Dragon Age Origins or Mass Effect 2.

Bioware is meeting its commitments by providing regular players DLC towards Dragon Age Origins or Mass Effect 2.

The home pages of the above games have recently been amended and now contain an explicit countdown. According to him, in just under five days Bioware preparing to make an announcement or to publish new content. This statement can be also seen on the official page of the developer.

It is however absent from the top of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The news could therefore be linked to the two first completely oriented RPG game solo. Bioware we had already done it last year for a simple makeover story. Given that both titles are already available on the market for months, this possibility is excluded.

However, it is quite possible to see tumble games iPhone, a medium on which has already shown Bioware. The countdown also revives the rumor of the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2, a rumor which hitherto had much more discreetly.


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