New 1TB hard drive upgrade for the MacBook Pro announced by MyService

MyService today announced a new 1TB hard drive upgrade for the MacBook
. These new Scorpio Blue drives by Western Digital are the largest
mobile drives available. MyService has these drives in stock and the
complete upgrade service is $345. The price includes the new 1TB drive,
round trip shipping, professional installation and data transfer.

Your old hard drive is returned to you and can be used for backups.
Since MyService is an Apple Authorized Service Provider, the 1TB upgrade
will not void your Apple warranty. These drives are slightly higher
than standard 2.5" drives but fit perfectly in all Unibody MacBook Pros,
the 13" MacBook Unibody and the 17" (Silver Keyboard) MacBook Pro.

MyService makes the service process fast and easy. No phone trees, no
runaround, just awesome service. MyService sends a custom laptop
shipping container to you. Once it arrives, simply pack your laptop and
send it back using the prepaid UPS shipping label. All shipping is
insured and can be tracked online. You may drop your laptop at any one
of the 4,200 UPS Store locations within the United States.

Once your laptop is back at MyService, a certified technician installs
the new drive and transfers the data over from your old drive. If your
old hard drive is failing, a new operating system is installed. All
drives feature a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

After the service is completed, your laptop is cleaned, tested and sent
back to you, along with your old drive. All services are completed
within 24 hours of arrival. MyService accepts purchase orders from
education facilities. For more information visit the MyService website
or call 877-622-3473.


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