Synygy introduces Full Integration with Oracle CRM On Demand

Synygy, Inc., the largest and most experienced provider of sales performance management (SPM) solutions, today announced that its suite of on-demand SPM software is fully-interoperable with Oracle CRM On Demand and launched its latest solution for managing customer relationships and sales performance.

With single sign-on and seamless functionality, salespeople, sales managers, and others using both Synygy and Oracle applications now can easily:

• query data and maintain information from either application
• review sales compensation results and payments
• perform ‘what if” analyses that link sales pipeline data to projected sales compensation
• analyze performance using dashboards and other interactive tools
• review territory, customer, and product forecasts
• manage, review, and communicate rewards and recognition
• review, adjust, and approve sales quotas
• create, evaluate, score, approve, and communicate objectives (MBOs)
• and much more

Synygy’s software suite also supports full data integration with Oracle CRM data. Native data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes integrated throughout Synygy’s SPM applications enable non-technical administrators to:

• define processes for loading and transforming data from any external data source stored in any format
• maintain and change the processes for loading data into the data repository as data sources and formats change
• review process logs that list errors and are automatically generated upon loading data
• define and maintain processes for validating and cleansing data
• make manual adjustments, which are tracked by the system, to correct data problems

“Complete interoperability between an organization’s SPM solution and its CRM system allows salespeople and their managers to clearly see the how current customers and the sales pipeline affect their compensation, and provides a powerful engine with which to drive behavior,” said Mark A. Stiffler, Synygy president and CEO. “The ability to incorporate CRM data into SPM processes, calculations, and information makes Synygy’s flexible solutions even more appealing to users of Oracle CRM On Demand.”


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