Bang & Olufsen Launches 46 inches of BeoVision 10 flat screen TV

In the wake of the tremendous success of BeoVision 10-40, the slim 40-inch flat screen TV that Bang & Olufsen launched in October 2009, the company is expanding its portfolio with a new member of the BeoVision 10 family – now available in 46 inches.

The extremely positive reception of BeoVision 10-40 has resulted in Bang & Olufsen deciding to accelerate its introduction of a larger member to the BeoVision 10 family. A 46-inch version of BeoVision 10 will be available in Bang & Olufsen stores from summer 2010.

Magazines and reviewers have welcomed the BeoVision 10 concept with open arms and its popularity is expressed by Rasmus Larsen from the Danish e-magazine FlatpanelsDK who did a review of the elegant flat screen:

“BeoVision 10 is the epitome of Bang & Olufsen quality – stylish, elegant, and sturdy,” Larsen states. Also when it comes to sound and image performance of the flat screen TV, Larsen is very enthusiastic: “The picture quality on the BeoVision 10 is exceptionally good in practice. It has an incredible wealth of detail.”

He continues: “Despite its slim cabinet, the BeoVision 10 delivers an incredibly full sound through its innovative speaker system, with good bass and midrange reproduction.”

46-inch member of the BeoVision 10 family

Although built on the same chassis as BeoVision 10-40, the 46-inch version introduces a few new additions. Besides giving a viewing area that is 32 percent bigger in square centimetres, the visual appearance of the 46-inch TV differs a bit from that of its smaller sibling. The rear cover has been changed to white instead of black, giving the product a lighter expression and supporting the concept of having a TV that blends in with the wall.

BeoVision 10-46 is a full HD TV with a new and exciting LED-based, 240 Hz LCD panel with impressive picture performance applying the absolute latest picture improvements technologies. The 240 Hz technology combined with sophisticated motion compensation technologies take the motion performance of the LCD panel to a yet unseen level of smoothness.

The LCD panel inside offers the latest in edge-type LED technology with the LEDs placed at two sides only – top and bottom of the panel – as the efficiency of the LEDs has improved significantly and this optimises the picture uniformity.

Besides a fantastic picture, the slim beauty offers an impressive sound performance as well. BeoVision 10-46 has an integrated stereo speaker placed below the screen and covered by a fabric front. It offers integrated surround sound, electronic curtains and an even more extensive connection panel allowing you to add up to five extra speakers for a surround sound setup and a multitude of set-top boxes if needed.

With BeoVision 10-46 it is possible to choose between a total of seven colors for the speaker front cover, so you can change the color to match the décor of your living room. This is easily done as the front cover is just clicked on with magnets.

Whichever size you prefer, with BeoVision 10 you’ll get a unique flat screen TV that is an absolute delight to the eye and ear – and to your home décor.


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