Touch Screen Call Management Tool by ANDTEK

ANDTEK’s IP telephony solution creates phone call statistics. With "AND Desktop AC“ phone calls can be managed directly with a touch screen on large-screen displays.

With “AND Desktop AC“ phone calls can be managed directly with a touch screen on large-screen displays. The attendant console software of the unified communications specialist ANDTEK allows a complete overview about all phones within the company. Moreover the solution generates phone call statistics and is predestined for finance companies and insurance companies as well as call centers.

With “AND Desktop AC” users can get detailed information about a caller like for example the customer number, order information or information about the last contact date. The attendant has the possibility to get a complete overview about the status of all phones within the company by means of the so-called BLF function (Busy Lamp Field) in a quick and safe way. Ideally this is done on a large secondary display via touch screen screen and the attendant knows immediately if there are active internal or external phone calls.

A further advantage of “AND Desktop AC” is the so-called wallboard function generating not only an overview of the status of phones but also gets statistics. This also includes service level information like the average duration of a call, number of accepted or missed phone calls, etc. Banks, insurance companies and call centers value such type of information since it provides important information to enhance customer satisfaction.

The attendant console solution is of special value to integrate existing corporate directories and address directories as well as databases, since they are directly integrated into the attendant console. With only one query the attendant has the possibility to search in all data sources simultaneously and can connect the caller directly with the right person.


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