Google blocking China

The Google search has been a strange form of blocking in China, while access via mobile telephony is disrupted.

On the scoreboard posted to reflect the availability of its services in China, reported problems with Google Web Search, Google News and Google Images. Several users in mainland China and had some difficulty accessing these services.

If the situation seems now back to "normal", remember that Google has decided to redirect users to (accommodation in Hong Kong) to bypass censorship by Beijing. Indeed, retaliation by the Chinese government has been suspected and explanations of Google are pretty confusing.

Google was first referred to a technical problem due to changes made in its own right. In this case, they focused on the code of search parameters and characters "gs_rfai" who have been assimilated by the famous Chinese firewall as a reference to Radio Free Asia, a site blocked by Beijing.

Subsequently, Google has changed his story, stating that the changes took place last week and that the outage seemed then that a change in the filtering system in China. Especially as Google’s services are once again become accessible again without any intervention on his part.

Not so clear, and Google provides closely monitor developments. Still, on the same panel, you can also see that now is access to Google services via mobile telephony that is partially blocked, and thus join Google Docs, Google Groups and Picasa. For YouTube, Google Sites and Blogger, the blockage is total since many months.

Also in China, Reuters reports that in recent weeks, Yahoo! Mail several foreign journalists were hacked, including a redirection of their messages to unknown accounts. A link with Beijing has not been established.



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