AVADirect Now Delivers New Intel Xeon 5600 Series Westmere Processors

AVADirect, a leading custom
computer manufacturer, has announced the addition of the Intel Xeon 5600
Westmere Series processors. The 32nm six-core, low power processor is
not only the fastest-performing server processor on the market, but also
has the best migration capabilities than any of it’s AMD Istanbul
competitors. The "uncore" power provides better support for low power
DDR3 RAM, and massive TLB improvements. What makes the new 5600 Intel
Xeon Series processors even more appealing is the fact they can be used
in any 5500 Series motherboard after a quick BIOS update. "Intel broke
many boundaries that have been left untouched since the incremental
improvement of server system technology. Migration was always a feature
that was tit for tat. You could improve the speed of migration, but
energy costs would be harshly high. Keeping energy costs in mind only
hinders the performance of your servers, until now. The fact that you
can have your cake and eat it too is extremely helpful, and takes a lot
of the headache away from becoming involved with a server setup. I, for
one, am extremely grateful that Intel continues to raise the bar" Says
Misha Troshin, Director of Marketing and co-owner of
AVADirect. To view all Westmere Series configurations we offer click Intel Xeon Westmere EP Server Systems


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