Goober Networks launches goober VoIP and goober, an Instant Messenger for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Goober Networks, the only complete Unified Communications solution, today announced two new free mobile applications, goober VoIP and goober for Apple’s iPhone. Both applications are available now to download for free from the iTunes App Store, searching the keyword "Goober."

Goober VoIP for the iPhone allows users to make local and international VoIP calls for significantly less money than their carrier would charge, saving up to 90 percent on all phone calls, with costs as low as $0.01 a minute. Connected to any WiFi or 3G network, goober VoIP delivers crystal-clear HD (high definition) voice capabilities for all destinations, nationally and globally. With goober VoIP, users prepay directly via their iPhone at flat-rate fees and avoid any charges on their mobile carrier’s phone bill. Also, the first two minutes are free of charge for calls anywhere in the world.

With nearly 3 billion users worldwide, the mobile phone has become the most personal and ubiquitous communications device. Research firm Gartner Group has predicted that by 2012 the iPhone will gain 13.7 percent of the global smartphone market.

"Goober Networks was designed from the beginning to unify all communications, from instant messaging, voice and video chat/conferencing to VoIP calling and social networking, across all IP communication devices including PCs, softphones, mobile phones, and soon via the television," said goober Networks’ CEO Peter Uhlich. "Goober VoIP and goober for the iPhone bring us one step closer to meeting our goal as the most advanced and unifying communications solution on the market today, allowing businesses, enterprises and consumers to publish, connect and share content and communication from a single point, anytime, anywhere."

Goober is an Instant Messaging application that lets users IM their friends, family and business colleagues via the iPhone.

Goober for the iPhone also gives users full access to the Goober Webfolder. Serving as a virtual hard drive, the goober Webfolder allows users to manage, download and edit their data externally from any location, anywhere and anytime. From the iPhone, it lets users directly display files and images, and add images to the gallery, which can also be viewed and shared by their friends, family and colleagues. Additionally, users can change images and view friends profile information while on the move, right from their iPhone.


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