Fastrack wins agains Ching’s Secret in Facebook War

Ching’s secret is considered to be the first Indian brand that has crossed the 1 lakhs fans on its business page on Facebook. Fastrack stood second with more than ninety nine thousand fans when Ching was rejoicing its first place. Neverthless, Fastrack is better than Ching’s Secret fan page for various reasons. Fastrack has more fan than Ching’s Secret as it also crossed 1 lakh fans today beating the number of followers of Ching’s secret. By end of 30th March 2010, Fastrack has crossed 101200 fans where as Ching’s Secret despite being the first brand to hit 1 lakh has just exceeded 400 fans more.

ECHOVME (Digital Marketing Consultancy) did an analysis of fan pages of both the Indian brands and considers the engagement strategy of Fastrack is more effective than the Ching’s Secret as the page is expected to grow faster and popular than the Ching’s Secret fan page. Sorav Jain the Thinker in Chief of Echovme says there are various factors that make fastrack better than Ching’s Secret and they are; "Fastrack is a consumer driven community whereas Ching’s Secret is a company broadcasting medium, the activities on fastrack is more youth friendly than the Ching’s Secret one, fastrack is more stronger technical and creative wise on comparison with the Ching’s Secret. On an average 200 to 300 people join the Ching’s secret fan page whereas; about 2000 people follow Fastrack on a daily basis. On an average approximately 60 fans likes the activity performed by Ching’s Secret with at least 40 fans commenting. In the Fastrack scenario as a minimum 1000 people like the activities posted or performed by Fastrack and more than 200 people actively comment and engage in the conversation."

The revolution has proved it is not the first who reaches the goal is achiever, it is how you reach and what you do to reach the heights prove your winning.


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