Plextor announces user-friendly external DVD writer

PLEXTOR ANNOUNCED the immediate availability of the PX-74OUF DVD+/-R/RW drive, an external drive aimed towards mainstream PC users who are after fast performance but don’t give a hoot about professional recording features.

The kit supports both Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and full-speed compliant IEEE-1394 FireWire, which makes it relatively easy to share a single external DVD/CD recorder among multiple PCs. The drive can achieve transfer rates of 480Mbps through USB and 400Mbps through FireWire, which ain’t too shoddy. That means you can slap around 4.7GB of data onto a DVD+R disc in about six minutes.

Users will be able to burn up to four hours of high quality MPEG-2/DVD video onto a single 8.5GB disk using 8X DVD+R on Double Layer DVD media and 4X DVD-R on Dual Layer DVD media. A 2mb buffer is also featured and comes with Buffer Underrun Proof Technology which should prevent against buffer underrun errors and allow for multi-tasking. Lossless Linking/Zero Link technology is also included and enables users to run basic editing tasks directly on the DVD disc. Also supported is DVD+RW background format, so you don’t have to format a DVD+RW disc manually resulting in quicker data writing.

The drive will ship to North and South America this very month with a retail price of $179 and includes a one-year full warranty. You’ll get Nero 6 bundled in with it too, for all (or most) of your disk burning desires.


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