Logitech releases wireless digital speakers

LOGITECH HAS ANNOUNCED a new set of surround sound speakers which are able to function without the need for cables. The Logitech Z-5450 Digital speakers feature two independent wireless rear speakers, both of which can be placed anywhere within 8.5 feet of the speaker system’s control center. They’re not sounding too shabby either, with THX-certification and 315 watts of power.

The system comes packing a wired remote control and allows mp3 players, CD players and other portable audio to be connected through an auxiliary port.

Logitech’s Ray Weikel says it was a challenge to sort out wireless speakers while maintaining high quality sound: “The Z-5450 speakers master this challenge, while they alleviate the age-old nuisance of pulling up carpet or crawling through a home’s foundation just to hide speaker wire.” While we’re not too sure that pulling up carpet is age-old, you may well be onto something, Ray.
The Z-5450 Digital speakers should be available in the US right now and retail for $499.99


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