Facebook will now integrate photo tagging via Divvyshot

The community network Facebook has just made a new acquisition to improve its functionality tagging photos.

There are few, and for an undisclosed sum for the press, Facebook, Community network recently celebrated its sixth candle and announced its 400 million members worldwide, has offered Divvyshot, service photo sharing online with 40 000 users.

This acquisition enables Facebook to get their hands on technology developed by Divvyshot marking which gives the possibility to attach photos to an event, but also to count among its contributors the two developers of the photo sharing site that will, as Not surprisingly, part of the team responsible for developing the photo function on Facebook.

As for the photo sharing site online Divvyshot, barely out of its beta phase, it will soon be closed. New registrations are no longer available and people who already have an account have six weeks to recover their photos and share them elsewhere.


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