Bipper to Offer Mobile Child Safety Service With Motorola’s iSIM Application Platform

The Networks business of Motorola, Inc. announced today the first commercial deployment in EMEA for its iSIM application platform. Bipper Communication AS – a Scandinavian web-based company focused on providing services to keep children safe when using mobile phones – will use Motorola’s iSIM platform to enable parental control services making mobile phones safer and better adapted for use by children.

Motorola’s iSIM is an innovative solution for delivering applications, services and enhanced capabilities (such as near field communication) through a flexible wafer that is attached to the subscriber’s original SIM.  This enables third party developers to build and deliver applications and services using the SIM toolkit (STK) and other standards that work across mobile handsets, such as JAVA and SMS.

The parental control service from Bipper will help parents to manage their children’s approved number’s list from the Bipper website. Parents can then monitor the child’s use of the mobile phone through an easy-to-use portal web site, including, who they communicate with, how much they use the phone and when they use it. Bipper also offers a safety alarm and a location based service, and the whole portal is integrated with social communities.

“Expanding our reach into new application services, iSIM platform enables the mobile phone to be used in innovative ways without the often costly and lengthy procedures associated with on-deck applications,” said Eric Pradier, vice president, Motorola, Services. “Bipper, as our first iSIM customer in EMEA, is a great example of service innovation and we look forward to working with the company as the service rolls out over the course of this year. Motorola is committed to providing operators with fully integrated and customizable mobile application solutions with flexible business models.”

Bipper’s iSIM application will initially launch in Bulgaria and Norway in 2010 before rolling out across the rest of EMEA. The service is also scheduled to launch in North America during the year.

“My vision is to have a web-based interface where I can make the settings for my child’s mobile phone. This vision led to the creation of Bipper Communication and Motorola’s iSIM platform is the key to realizing our vision,” said Silje Vallestad, mother-of-three, and founder and CEO, Bipper Communications S.A. ”The Bipper proposition is about safety and with Motorola’s long standing global position in mobile communications we have complete trust in Motorola to deliver our service.”

Besides parental control applications, Motorola’s iSIM platform provides a compelling value proposition for applications such as mobile commerce for banking, payment and NFC communications; call control, alternative call routing and call back systems; secure messaging, one time password (OTP) implementation and many more; with ease, flexibility and customizable STK menus.

Bipper recently won the innovation award for ‘Best Early Stage Startup’ at the Mobile Premier Awards, the largest global competition in mobile startup innovation, held in Barcelona, February 2010.




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