Redesigned Job Search Tools From JobsInTheUS group

The JobsInTheUS group of online job boards today released a completely
redesigned suite of Job Search Tools that will energize site users’
experience and deliver significantly better job search results to their
many job seekers.

JobsIntheUS has taken a "job seeker first" approach to its site
improvements, putting its redesign efforts into the single most
important feature to job seekers – how to easily search for and find the
jobs they want.

"Improving the tools with which job seekers search for jobs on our
websites is all about enabling job seekers to more easily connect with
employers and find the jobs they want," said Sam Eddy, General Manager
for JobsInTheUS. "Our core mission is, and always has been, to help Job
Seekers be successful in their search for jobs."

JobsInTheUS’ redesigned suite of Job Search Tools puts customizable
job searching tools literally at the fingertips of job seekers while
benefiting employers by enabling their jobs to be found more easily.
Eddy emphasized that, "In this economy, especially, we know how
important it is for job seekers not to miss a single opportunity."

Eddy added, "Our message of ‘real, quality, local jobs’ has never
been more appropriate as we work with our employers to help them post
quality jobs and with our job seekers to help them find the jobs they

With these improvements website users can expect:

— A redesigned Search Bar at the top of every page that allows users to quickly search for jobs from anywhere on the websites.
— Exciting, easy-to-use advanced search features that enable job seekers to customize their job searches for great results.
— Instructional "help" videos and concise search help that make the learning process fast and easy and help job seekers get started fast on their job search.
— A fresh, clean homepage with two distinct paths, one for job seekers and one for employers.

"We are very proud of our new look. The new design, with its powerful
new Search Tools and easy navigation support our primary goal – to help
job seekers and employers connect," said Eddy.

JobsInTheUS has been operating state-specific job websites since 1999
and remains at the forefront of the job board industry through design
innovation, fresh marketing techniques and "there-when-you-need-us"
customer service.


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