Wirecast Pro and V4.0 Live Streaming Software From Telestream

Telestream, a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow
solutions, today announced a major release and a new product for its
Wirecast video streaming production software. Wirecast is live webcasting
software that allows anyone to easily create real-time or on-demand
video broadcasts for the web. The new version, Wirecast 4.0, features
high-quality Main Concept H.264 encoding and a new intuitive user
interface, making it even easier to use. Wirecast Pro, the
new product, builds upon the advanced video production capabilities
currently available in Wirecast, adding more graphic content, including
virtual 3D foregrounds, backgrounds, and scoreboards. Wirecast Pro also
adds improved audio controls, new format support for On2 VP6, and
support for more input devices such as wireless IP cameras, providing
greater flexibility in professional broadcast, entertainment and sports

According to Dan Rayburn, principal analyst at Frost &
Sullivan, "Over the past year we’ve seen a large increase in the number
of large scale live events on the web. Viewers continue to consume more
video content, more often, at higher-quality and for live events, for
longer periods of time. With this new trend in the market, many content
owners are finally starting to think about the importance of live
broadcasting over the web when it comes to their online video
monetization strategy."

This trend is supported by Steve Auer, president of Cadence, Inc., who adds,
"We first used Wirecast for the Ford keynote at the CES show. We
evaluated several products and selected Telestream Wirecast for its
reliable, multi-format live streaming, ease of use, and excellent
support. The software provides unprecedented production capabilities at a
fraction of the cost of hardware solutions. Upon installation,
everything worked flawlessly. This is definitely the way to go for live
webcasting." See Auer’s Wirecast video

is a live video production and streaming tool that can be loaded on a
laptop to broadcast live events and create professional webcasts from
any location with only a computer and an Internet connection. Users can
stream multiple live cameras while dynamically mixing in other media
such as prerecorded video, images and sounds. Advanced production
capabilities include 3D graphics, transitions and built-in titles which
merge seamlessly with Wirecast’s layering system, allowing users to
easily create live and on-demand broadcasts for the web. When ready to
go live, broadcasts can be streamed directly to live
broadcasting websites using Flash, QuickTime or Windows Media.

In addition to Wirecast 4.0 capabilities, Wirecast Pro offers
deeper integration with professional video capture devices, improved
audio controls, more encoding formats and more sophisticated production
tools. Wirecast Pro supports video capture from Black Magic, Matrox and
Telestream Pipeline,
includes support for On2 VP6 format, plus new audio inspector and audio
latency controls which simplify user audio management and mixing.
Advanced production capabilities include virtual 3D foregrounds and
backgrounds, scoreboards, a news ticker and more titles for
lower-thirds. Wirecast Pro also adds support for HDV and wireless IP
camera feeds and MPEG-2 transport stream input. These advanced
webcasting capabilities enhance live field production, providing a
professional software package for a fraction of the cost of traditional
hardware solutions.

"With the Wirecast additions, Telestream provides the
industry’s first live, full-production TV studio software solution in a
box for any desktop," said Barbara DeHart, VP of Marketing at
Telestream. "With Wirecast Pro and version 4.0 we’re continuing to
change the game in live webcasting, adding even greater production value
for our customers."

Telestream partnerships
with major live streaming providers — Akamai, Limelight, Livestream,
Justin.tv, and Ustream — make it easy for users to quickly upload
finished Wirecast productions directly to these services for live web
broadcasting to global audiences. Telestream’s newest partnership with
Wowza is changing the conventional streaming paradigm by enabling
cost-efficient, multi-screen
encoding and simultaneous media streaming to web, mobile and TV


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