EMC Doubles Capacity for High-End Data Domain DD880

EMC Corporation, the world leader
in information infrastructure solutions, today announced that its
flagship single controller system for large enterprises, the EMC Data
Domain DD880, now doubles its maximum capacity, offering support for up
to 7.1 petabytes of logical backup storage.  EMC also introduced EMC
Data Domain Encryption software, the industry’s first data at rest
encryption solution for deduplication storage systems. This software
option protects enterprise data in the event of theft or loss of disks
and systems.  EMC Data Domain Replicator software has also gained
significant new features, including a "one-to-many" directory
replication topology and breakthrough low bandwidth optimization for
limited WANs and small sites, increasing bandwidth efficiencies by up to
a hundred percent.  Coupled with a steady pace of performance and
capacity advances, these capabilities further enhance the disk-based
backup leadership of EMC and provide significant and sustainable value
to its customers.

Product Details and User Benefits

The expanded DD880 delivers up to 7.1 PB of logical storage, double
its capacity at introduction in mid-2009, providing users greater backup
and disaster recovery (DR) consolidation, further simplifying
management and reducing operational expenses. Administrators can use the
additional capacity to consolidate up to 180 concurrent backup jobs or
extend the retention period when used as a replication target for up to
180 remote offices. The increase in capacity further minimizes the
physical footprint, power and cooling required to protect large data
sets in primary data centers and in DR sites.

Data Domain Encryption is a new software option that provides the
industry’s first encryption of data at rest on deduplication storage,
enabling organizations to enhance the security of their data and more
easily pass security audits.  DD Encryption seamlessly integrates with
the Data Domain high-speed, inline deduplication process and provides
administrator selectable 128-bit or 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard
(AES) algorithms for encrypting all data before it is written to disk.
With an inline approach, data never resides in a vulnerable, unencrypted
state on the disk subsystem.  This capability works with all Data
Domain protocols and software options, and can be used with DD
Replicator to send encrypted data over the WAN. Files that are retained
on disk in a non-rewriteable and non-erasable format, as a long-term
archive using EMC Data Domain Retention Lock software, can also be

DD Replicator is now able to support a new ‘one-to-many’ directory
replication topology, which enables users to send multiple copies of
source system data to different DR sites.  This delivers increased
protection levels and gives the administrator the ability to reliably
and efficiently replicate the same content across a distributed
enterprise for QA, testing, development, training, and other uses.  In
addition, for enterprises with small Data Domain systems replicating to
larger hub systems across low bandwidth networks, DD Replicator can
further reduce the amount of data to be sent using a new low bandwidth
optimization feature.  This enables further reduction of the Replicator
bandwidth, which already sends only deduplicated, compressed data, by up
to 100%, leveraging an additional new delta compression technology. The
introduction of both a ‘one-to-many’ replication topology and low
bandwidth optimization further demonstrates EMC’s ability to deliver the
most flexible, feature-rich and network-efficient multi-site disaster
recovery solutions for backup and archive data. These features are
included with the latest version of DD Replicator software.  Data Domain
system users that have purchased DD Replicator licenses and have an
existing support contract can upgrade to this version for no extra

"Enterprise customers today demand high-density, optimized storage
solutions to safeguard and manage their unabated data growth," said Robert Amatruda, Director, Data Protection and
Recovery, IDC.  "The expanded capacity of the Data Domain DD880
addresses enterprise customer needs for scalable storage systems for
consolidation projects and extended retention policies. The addition of
inline encryption for deduplicated data at rest offers all EMC Data
Domain users an additional option for safeguarding their data."

"EMC is continuing to build upon the maturity, product concepts and
architectures that have made Data Domain systems the unquestioned market
leader in deduplication storage systems for backup and archive," said Brian Biles, Vice President of Product
Management, EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division.  "In disk-based data
protection, EMC is not only imagining the future more clearly than its
competition, it is also out-executing their pace of development."


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