Renkara Media Group released Contig 1.0 for iPad

Renkara Media Group has released Contig 1.0 for the new Apple iPad.
Contig is a fast-paced math game played in grade schools worldwide but
never before brought to a mobile device. Originally created by a retired
schoolteacher, Contig helps both kids and adults practice math and
computation skills, build strong problem-solving strategies, improve
memory, and enhance reasoning. Contig for iPad is available for
immediate purchase in the iTunes App Store.

Contig for iPad provides three ways to play. Solitaire mode enables the
user to practice alone. Computer mode puts the user against a computer
opponent. The computer opponent is available in three levels of skill
from Easy to Challenging. Pass & Play mode is also available and
allows two human players to play Contig with one iPad, passing the
device for each player’s turn.

The idea to bring Contig to Apple’s new iPad came from Renkara Media
Group’s founder, Charles Sieg, who remembered the game from grade
school. "I learned to play Contig in the third grade. It was my favorite
part about math class," explained Sieg. "It’s very fast-paced since
each turn is limited to 30 seconds. Playing Contig is very effective at
building basic math skills and at learning to make computations quickly.
It’s great for kids but it’s also fun and useful for adults."

Contig for iPad expands on Renkara Media Group’s popular line of
educational apps for iPhone and iPod touch including the award-winning
AccelaStudy and top-rated Flashcard Champion.

Device Requirements:

  • Apple iPad with the 3.2 OS installed

Pricing and Availability:

Contig 1.0 for iPad is $3.99 (USD) and is available for immediate
download exclusively through Apple’s iTunes App Store.


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