Silent Hill announced new episode

Konami has just indicated the site a new episode of the Silent Hill license is currently in development on HD consoles.

Much appreciated by fans of survival horror, Silent Hill series has had its glory days through the first four episodes of high quality, sometimes very elaborate on the visual and sound environment. This asset has been very beneficial to the series in order to place themselves outside of licenses such as Resident Evil, which focus more on the bloody evidence. Then we just get a "remake" of the highly successful first episode on Wii , PS2 and PSP, the license has encountered a severe drop in speed with Silent Hill: Homecoming not really encouraging.

It is therefore with some trepidation that we welcome the announcement of a new episode for the next generation consoles. However, Konami has said that Double Helix did not develop the opus. First trailer behind closed doors broadcast shows a man who wanders in a foggy street of the town of Silent Hill before being attacked by a monstrous apparition. More info soon.


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