Corsair introduced Dominator DDR3 memory kit

After beating a record of operating frequency, Corsair is now focusing on capacity. Specialist RAM has actually recently announced the launch of new kits of RAM high density. One of them rises to 24 GB as well, while the latter is limited to a respectable 16GB

To do this, these kits consist of respectively 6 and 4 strips of 4 GB each. The first is intended to configurations and built around a Core i7 900 Series, boasting a controller memory triple channel. This kit makes it possible to take full advantage of Intel motherboards chipset X58, the overwhelming majority is precisely fitted with six locations and limited to 24 GB of RAM.

The second kit is designed for its processors in controller RAM dual channel, such as Core or Core i7 i5 Series 800. Motherboards hosting these processors are actually fitted for most of four locations.

Each segment therefore shows a capacity of 4 GB is the standard DDR3 and works up to 1 600 MHz with a CAS timing 9. They are therefore well below the 2 400 MHz record holder but still above the 1 333 MHz processor native of last generation. Each module is topped by a radiator, which can itself be surmounted by a ventilation system.

The kits of 24 GB and 16 GB of DDR3 running at 1 600 MHz are already available. They are sold in retail prices of respectively 1 450 and 1 000 dollars, associated with a lifetime warranty.


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