Virtual Private Server Service From Cool Handle Hosting

Cool Handle Web Hosting announced on Monday its release of Virtual Private Server (VPS)
service. The new Cool Handle VPS service expands on its existing hosting
solutions with a powerful, scalable and reliable server offering. The
new VPS service will address the needs of professional-level users that
desire more hosting control, better performance, and all at a value

The VPS service is powered by virtual technology that allows
the servers to support full root access so that users can install the
applications they need. The core technology behind the Cool Handle VPS
service is a kernel-level technology that limits the amount of resources
available to each VPS instance, giving administrators the power to
control the CPU and I/O demands of individual servers. This improves
performance and reliability of all VPS users so that a single site
cannot slow an entire server. The Cool Handle CPU management system
makes sure that each account gets enough processor resources to run

The new VPS service plans start at only $19.95 per month. To
kick off the launch of the Cool Handle VPS service, they are offering a
20% off coupon. This coupon will give you 20% off your first invoice.
The coupon code is "startVPSnow."

"We’re extremely excited about the addition of VPS service to
our already extensive hosting product line-up. We now offer the complete
range of hosting services, such as shared hosting, reseller hosting,
VPS, and dedicated servers." – Ryan Morris, Cool Handle Hosting
Marketing Director.


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