Supermicro Qualifies Netlist’s HyperCloud Memory on High-Density Servers

Netlist, Inc., a
designer and manufacturer of high performance memory subsystems, today
announced qualification of HyperCloud memory on Super Micro
Computer, Inc. (Supermicro) high-density servers.
Combining HyperCloud memory with select Supermicro servers enables
optimal server utilization. This combination improves datacenter
application performance and overcomes memory bottlenecks.

"With Netlist’s HyperCloud memory, our servers empower
customers to improve their productivity and to support memory-intensive
applications such as cloud computing and virtualization," said Wally
Liaw, vice president of sales at Supermicro. "HyperCloud helps us to
uniquely position our high memory footprint servers with unprecedented
levels of performance in these growth markets."

By optimizing server utilization, HyperCloud improves
datacenter economics associated with memory intensive, high performance
computing applications and workloads, including virtualization, cloud
computing, online transaction processing, video services and storage.
Servers in these datacenters are typically underutilized due to memory
bandwidth and capacity bottlenecks. Improving performance while lowering
operating and capital expenses in datacenters, increases utility out of
new and existing servers.

"Qualification by Supermicro is a tremendous accomplishment
for the HyperCloud team as we continue to expand our solution to a
broader user base," said C.K. Hong, president and CEO of Netlist. "We
look forward to working with Supermicro and providing the industry with a
high performance memory solution that supports intensive workloads."

Pricing and Availability

HyperCloud memory is available with the OEM model
SYS-6026TT-BTF-GS015 12-slot and the SYS-6026T-NTR+-GS015 18-slot
Supermicro Servers. Contact Netlist for details on HyperCloud memory,
pricing, part numbers, datasheets and application notes. For server
information, please contact Gloria Sun, Senior Director of Sales at


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