Twitter announces official advertising of is own

The official response from Twitter will soon arrive following the announcement yesterday of a service sponsored links to unofficial clients , developed by TweetUp, the micro-blogging site, today announced its own plan to monetize . It should be possible to purchase keywords to get his "tweets sponsored" at the top of search results.

Clearly, it suffices to imagine Google and its sponsored links. Looking ‘iPad’ in the interface, the site returns a results list with the very top of these, the sponsored posts. The authors are companies that have purchased the keyword "iPad" for their prose appears whenever the word is searched.

Other means of display: Twitter provides the following tweets out these sponsored search pages for the drag in the timelines of users. Twitter would be based on "the relevance of sponsored tweets to a user, and therefore on the precise targeting of their community. One point on which the micro-blogging service will have to prove, not all elements of targeting Facebook, for example, in the profiles.

Twitter seeks to address a paradox: since its launch in 2007, the site has grown exponentially, without being able to monetize its service. With 22.3 million users in March according to comScore, not counting the millions of third party clients, the service lives for the moment that its investors and several trade agreements with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo for the reuse of its message flow. This is the first real step towards a business model. Several companies have already announced they would buy keywords from the start: Starbucks, Virgin (USA), Bravo and Best Buy.


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