Zebra Technologies Releases KR403 Kiosk Receipt Printer

Zebra Technologies Corporation today announces the release of the KR403 kiosk receipt
printer, the first product in its new KR400 series. The new KR403 offers a
range of printing solutions for self-service customer kiosks and can be utilised
across a number of application needs such as loyalty coupons, bill payment,
self-ordering at supermarkets and entertainment kiosks.

Designed for easy integration, the KR403 has a compact footprint ideal for
space-restricted applications, and it offers a wide range of printer and media
mounting configurations. This model also includes expanded memory, increased
driver support and Zebra Programming Language command language that allows for
expanded integration capabilities. The KR403 is the only kiosk printer on the
market offering Unicode-compliant encoding for international character printing
and has the most fonts and bar code sets than any kiosk printer – including the
GS1 databar barcodes required in retail.

"Kiosks are the best option for staff-constrained retailers focusing on
implementing new initiatives to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction,"
said Peter Gooding, Customer Applications Team
Manager, Zebra Technologies Europe Ltd. "Zebra has recognised the increase in
demand from both retailers and customers for self-service applications to
improve store efficiencies, and created the KR400 series to facilitate those
companies looking to invest in this growing trend."

Addressing critical business problems such as limited time and resources,
Zebra’s new KR403 kiosk receipt printer offers users a flexible solution for
kiosks, providing reliability, durability, minimal maintenance and ease-of-use.
Benefits by industry include:

– Retail: Printing transactional receipts to be used for DVD rental,
photo development, couponing, food ordering, employee self-service
and product information, customers will experience a more personalised
store visit.

– Hospitality and Services: Utilised for informational solutions such as
payment transactions, hotel check-in, trip planning and easy bill pay,
the service industry streamlines processes through this product with
a cost-effective solution.

– Transportation: Depended on to reduce customer wait times, the KR403
can facilitate, parking receipts, information access and payment
transactions, saving organisations time and money.

The KR403 also boasts ROI-increasing capabilities that prevent paper jams to
facilitate maximum printer uptime and reduced maintenance, such as the looping
presenter with cutter, and a retract-and-retain function to protect customers’
private information and reduce litter by retracting any printouts left behind.
Automatic remote alerts proactively inform host systems with the results of
diagnostic tests to help keep the kiosk up and running.

Available immediately, the Zebra KR403 Kiosk Receipt Printer will be sold
primarily through Zebra’s vast network of channel partners.


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