SingleHop’s Cascade Cloud Program Launches CloudLinux

SingleHop, a leading Chicago-based dedicated server and managed web
hosting provider, today announced the first product launch under their
Cascade cloud hosting
services program: the CloudLinux operating system.

Launched in February 2010, the CloudLinux operating system is
designed to increase server density by improving stability and
reliability using isolation technology to create Lightweight Virtual
Environments (LVEs). The use of LVEs improves server density and
performance. CloudLinux is easily interchangeable with Centos or Red Hat
Enterprise Linux; Cloud Linux founder Igor Seletskiy says that the
switch can be made "within five minutes."

"CloudLinux is a new market offering, but one that will offer
exceptional performance and extended control abilities in a cloud-like
system," says SingleHop VP of Sales and Marketing Dan Ushman. "For our
clients, it ensures greater stability and efficiency, optimized
performance, and better security of their servers. We’re excited to
offer CloudLinux as the first of our Cascade cloud system offerings."

CloudLinux will be available for free with any server above
$179.00 per month. For more information about Cloud Linux and
SingleHop’s Cloud Computing
Cascade program.


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