Microsoft announced Silverlight 4

Microsoft releases on the Web the final version of Silverlight 4. This release comes after the web launch of Visual Studio 2010 and. NET Framework 4 , and offers developers a complete environment to develop compatible applications, noting in particular that Silverlight is the development platform for Windows Phone 7.

The Redmond company had said last month that its Silverlight technology dedicated to rich Internet applications (RIA) is now present on 60% of all Internet-connected devices worldwide. For the end user, is limited to a Silverlight plugin for browser to download.

With Silverlight 4 are supported browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome (new one) with the Windows operating system, Firefox and Safari with Mac OS X. For the Linux environment, compatibility with the Silverlight content requires the Novell Moonlight plugin for Firefox. The current stable release of Moonlight , however, is labeled 2.0 and offers compatibility with Silverlight 2.0 Silverlight 3.0 and a few features.

Silverlight provides several new 4 including the management of microphones and webcams, multimedia multicasting, support offline DRM, hardware acceleration for Deep Zoom, improvements on the graphics, reports, network , printing. Operation outside the browser allows standalone applications to take advantage of Silverlight 4.


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