Valve admits defeat

VALVE HAS SAID THAT the long awaited Day of Defeat: Source will be out on September 26th. This new version has updated maps, new weapons, HDR lighting and a lot of other goodies. Throw in the same physics engine as HL2 and you have something quite a bit more impressive than a simple graphical refresh.
If you have the Gold or Silver variants of Steam, you can start pre-loading it now, and when it is activated, you can play. If you have a lesser version of Steam, you can buy it for $19.95, or get a retail copy of CS:Source, and it will be in the box.

This release is starting to scare me, all the things that Valve promised are coming out, in a slow and steady fashion, along with a few more goodies that it didn’t even promise thrown in for the fun of it. OK bad pun, but what’s next, Duke Nukem actually coming out?


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