Alcatel-Lucent launches Mobilefriends To Monetize Communities Through SMS

Alcatel-Lucent today announced the launch of Mobilefriends in the French market. Mobilefriends is a turnkey mobile service that enables users to easily create and monetize connected communities using SMS. The major characteristics of the Mobilefriends service is the user friendliness, the ability to deliver real-time communications, and the ability to connect people using any type of mobile terminal without any technical or financial investment.

The Mobilefriends service targets social communities of any size – be they hike organizers, school or soccer clubs, traditional media, community web sites, etc. Companies and major brands can also leverage the same platform to address their employee communities or manage their marketing campaigns.

Available today, in just a few clicks one can create a service on The social community leader has access to online tools to promote services to the community members who instantly receive the message as soon as the leader posts it from the Internet or from a mobile phone. Members pay 20, 30 or 50 Euro cents per SMS and the generated revenues are distributed among the participants including the mobile operator.

This service today launched in France is a continuation of a successful service offered by Alcatel-Lucent in Switzerland through its subsidiary MNC (Mobile News Channel). This Swiss service already includes more than 500 B2B (Business to Business) customers and 10,000 communities covering communities around the media, sports, banking and Internet areas – positioning MNC as leader in the field of managing SMS subscription services.

Alcatel-Lucent brings extensive, field proven expertise to this service – particularly in managing multi-operator environments, financial flows, secured payments, security and privacy, voluntary or stop subscription mechanisms – all while ensuring simplicity for consumers, companies and content providers.

“The services market is changing; consumers become more and more involved and dynamic. They are ready to pay for a service which will help save time, bring a new experience or the feeling of being important and having fun. Mobile service providers are also looking for new models to monetize their content,” said Jean-Philippe Poirault, head of Alcatel-Lucent’s Integration Services Division and president of MNC.

In France, the Mobilefriends launch is off to a strong start with communities already developed for (Lagardère group) the leading site of football fans in France and Sportunit, winner of the 2009 Sporsora trophy (innovation category). Météo France has also signed a partnership with MNC to offer the French media a weather subscription service via SMS.



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