Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation Introduces ‘WEAV’ For The Next Generation of Audio and Video Compression

Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation is currently in beta testing of its 15th
iteration for the next generation of audio and video compression. After 10 years
of researching, patenting, and developing the next generation of compression,
Ubiquity is going to change the way the world sees and hears mobile content.

Ubiquity relies on a host of engineers headed by the CTO Kristian Sandberg, Ph.D, Sengan Baring-Gould Ph.D, and
Alejandro Cantarero Ph.D. Kristian Sandberg is a
Ph.D in Applied Mathematics and has used his knowledge in algorithmic
development to help create the next generation compression technology. Kristian Sandberg says, "Ubiquity’s compression will
allow high quality streaming at a lower computational complexity then what is in
the current marketplace." Sengan Baring-Gould Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence
wrote the book on how to create mobile applications for Apple’s iPhone and iPod
Touch, and the recently released iPad using Cocoa Touch technology.  Sengan
says, "The WEAV compression allows the end user the ability to view and hear
content on multiple platforms not just on platforms that provide specific
hardware." Sengan Brings 20 years of experience in code optimization and the
development of artificial intelligence into programs. Alejandro Cantarero rounds off the team with his intimate
knowledge of applied mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, and
3-D technology.

Dr. Jeff Cole, who was just recently added to
Ubiquity’s Board of Directors said, "I became convinced in the mid- to late-90s
that interactive digital technology – first the web and now mobile – was going
to be far more powerful than the traditional media of television and print."
Ubiquity’s compression is a software program designed to deliver both faster and
increased picture and audio quality to both the internet and mobile devices.

Mobile carriers to the likes of AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint PCS, will
benefit from Ubiquity’s next generation compression. Ubiquity’s compression will
save millions in bandwidth costs to mobile carriers, and will provide the end
user with a higher quality experience. The end user benefits from Ubiquity’s
compression by experiencing longer battery-lives on their digital devices while
keeping their digital devices cooler. Ubiquity’s compression delivers higher
visual quality, a quicker response time, and stall-free playback while
compressing audio and video simultaneously at 1000:1.

Ubiquity’s compression uses an algorithm that produces better quality video
and audio than MPEG-4 (H264) with a lower computational complexity. Ubiquity’s
next generation compression adds the ability to restore, rescale, zoom, and
focus, in addition to improving the compression quality further.

Ubiquity’s Chairman and CEO, Christopher
said, "After 10 years of development, the WEAV project is
going to be ground breaking for the mobile industry."


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