New images for Super Mario Galaxy 2

Some new pictures for Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Wii.

On 11 June, almost three years after the release of the first episode, which should be available on Nintendo Wii, comes the all new Super Mario Galaxy 2. In the meantime, we invite you to discover some new pictures today of this game, making the catch of course directed by the most famous plumbers.

But before you jump on some pictures that follow, we know that you have suggested there is a little over a month a preview Super Mario Galaxy this 2 item that already raises the veil on some of the novelties of this second episode.

The gameplay is relatively similar to the first episode. The main novelty is the appearance of Yoshi that can overlap as in Super Mario World. The player will be much faster and can, through the major language of Yoshi, swallow otherwise unbeatable enemies (eg pikes) or swinging from hooks in the hook. Unlike Super Mario Sunshine where Yoshi must be regularly replenished by the fruits of color against a relapse in the egg, it has no constraint in the same type.

A couple of levels set Super Mario Galaxy but the vast majority is unprecedented. Many enemies are affecting your game, such as Wigglers, the Bill Bourrins. Already present in Super Mario Galaxy but also new ones such as Paragoombas or water spiders learned Super Mario 64. The play retains the system of fragments of stars and parts of the previous album. There will also be a level where gravity alone will reverse after a time.





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