AnyLogic 6.5 is now available

The new release of AnyLogic 6.5 boasts several major new features: 3D modeling, Improved Excel I/O, Automatic model documentation, and significantly expanded Help and sample models section.

You are now able to create 3D animations and experiments for your AnyLogic models. The 3D animation framework is a natural extension of the 2D animation, so you do not need to learn a new technology to develop 3D models, and it is very easy to add the third dimension to the existing ones. You can have both 2D and 3D animation in one model, show them at the same time or switch between them. You can define several viewpoints (cameras) for a 3D scene and display them simultaneously from different perspectives. You can switch between 2D and 3D views with a single click. In support of 3D we have also introduced 3D “continuous space” for Agent-Based models and textured surfaces to 3D shapes to add realism and improve model animations.

AnyLogic can now automatically generate detailed model documentation which includes complete structured information about all model elements: active objects, statecharts, flowcharts, events, graphics, etc. with their properties. The documentation is available in your choice of: PDF, DOCX, and HTML. It can beprinted, attached to other documents, or published on the web. It’s so easy to do, just select the model and choose: File/Create Documentation.


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