Timesys Announces Support for Newest DaVinci TMS320DM368 Video Processor

Timesys Corporation, provider of
award-winning embedded Linux solutions and support, today announced that
Timesys LinuxLink
will now support the recently announced Texas Instruments Incorporated
(TI) TMS320DM368 DaVinci video processor. Customers will now be able
to develop custom Linux products using the DM368 faster by focusing on
value-add features and taking advantage of the hardware acceleration.

LinuxLink for the DM368 DaVinci processor will offer tools and
a pre-integrated build environment with access to different software
frameworks such as Linux GStreamer and TI’s digital video software
development kit (DVSDK).

"The popularity of the DaVinci video processor platform among
LinuxLink customers is growing. We are delighted to add support for the
latest addition to TI’s popular processor line, the DM368," said Maciej
Halasz, director of product management at Timesys. "Our engineers
extensively tested the combined system to ensure that customers can
proceed quickly and seamlessly through the process of building their own
custom Linux solutions. And with our expert support, we are here to
help them when they need it."

On TI processors such as DM368, Timesys introduced the concept
of a rich user interface (UI). The rich UI combines a GUI framework
that serves as a high-level API for application development, such as Qt
Embedded, with lower layer software such as the GStreamer framework and
specific codec plugins (i.e. H264, MPEG4, etc.).

LinuxLink embedded
Linux development framework and world-class support allow customers
to take full advantage of processor features without a steep learning
curve. LinuxLink is built with open source technologies that are
well-known to Linux engineers of all experience levels. Customers can
easily integrate their own applications, modify the Linux kernel and
even incorporate their own proprietary packages and frameworks into the
design of their product. In addition, they have access to Timesys’
expert technical support to resolve any technical issues. The
productivity improvement resulting from the use of Timesys tools enables
customers to focus on the primary task, which is building their
value-add application.

"Timesys continues to support customers using TI processors
for embedded Linux product development," said Sonia Ghelani, product
marketing manager, DM3x, Texas Instruments. "This newest addition to
their LinuxLink offering provides a bridge for users looking to
integrate the TI software for the DM368 device and add further
customization with their easy-to-use user interface, integrated
open-source plug-ins and a tested build environment."

Support for the DM368 processor will be available in 2Q’10.
The complete list of drivers, Linux packages/middleware and other
utilities can be found in Timesys’ TI DM368 Development Center at linuxlink.

Developers can obtain limited, free trial access to LinuxLink,
to quickly configure, build and evaluate embedded Linux on the DM368
DaVinci video processor by registering at linuxlink.
Developers should enter promotion code PRDM368 when completing
the form.


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