BitDefender warns of a Google Chrom extension Trojan horse

BitDefender warns that a Trojan horse posing as an extension of Google Chrome.

This is probably not a first and probably not last with cybercriminals who will ride the growing popularity of Google Chrome. BitDefender has identified a Trojan horse that attempts to Agent.20577 trick users by posing for an extension. Needless to say immediately, the official gallery of extensions is not in question here.

Malicious spam targeting users Google Chrome and indicates that a new extension will enable them to "simplify access to documents sent by e-mail. According to the Romanian publisher, this description matches that of a legitimate extension. Except that one link in the message of the e-mail directing them to an imitation of the page extensions Google.

A malicious application and then waits. It is the extension of an executable file (. Exe) and not the extension. Crx, namely add-ons Google Chrome. The malware modifies the Windows HOSTS file and block access to pages from Google and Yahoo. Trying to reach these pages will, in turn redirects to fake sites hosting other pests.

This type of attack is nothing new in its mechanism. Except for the alibi Google Chrome, cybercriminals have not reinvented the wheel … and is often proof that it works.


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