MSI’s AMD Mainboard Series Fully Compatible with the Phenom II X6 Six-Core Processor

To facilitate the upgrade to AMD’s next-generation processors, world-renowned mainboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI has announced that all AMD series products will be compatible with the Phenom II X6 6-core processor. With a simple BIOS update, older MSI AM3 mainboards will be capable of supporting this processor.

The all-new Phenom II X6 processor features 45nm processing technology, a true six-core design which can execute 6 threads simultaneously and the AMD Turbo Core Technology. What’s more, with up to 9 MB cache, overall performance is significantly enhanced compared to the previous generation Phenom II X4 processor. The Phenom II X6 is the best option for the latest and most powerful MSI based AMD platform.

Check the table and webpage link below to download the corresponding BIOS update for your current MSI AM3 mainboard to support this all-new, next generation processor. MSI mainboards support AMD Phenom II X6 webpage:

MSI mainboards for AMD Phenom II X6 processor:

800 Series Bios Ver
890GXM-G65 A7642AMS.120
700 Series Bios Ver
740GTM-P21 A7302AMS.G40
740GTM-P25 v1.5 A7302AMS.S30
760GTM-P33 A7549AMS.760
770-C45 A7599AMS.170
770T-C45 A7388AMS.860
K9A2VM-FD A7501AMS.1B0
785G-E65 A7576AMS.350
785GM-E51 A7596AMS.250
785GTM-E45 A7549AMS.850
790FX-GD70 A7577AMS.1A0
790FX-GD70 Winki Edition A7577AMS.210
790GX-G65 A7576AMS.410
790GX-G65 Winki Edition A7576AMS.510
DKA790GX A7550AMS.1C0
DKA790GX Platinum A7550AMS.1C0
790X-G45 A7622AMS.140
790XT-G45 A7388AMS.240
K9A2 CF A7388AMS.1D0
K9A2 Neo2 A7388AMS.780
K9A2 Neo-F A7388AMS.1D0
NF980-G65 A7612NMS.130



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