LSI Introduces Multicore Communication Processor Requiring No External Memory

LSI Corporation today introduced the LSI APP3100
multicore communication processor for enterprise and service providers.
Based on the award-winning LSI APP3300 communication processor, the LSI
APP3100 gives networking equipment providers a space-efficient and
cost-effective solution for accelerating Carrier Ethernet and network
security functions.

Designed for applications such as Ethernet OAM, wirespeed security
and network timing, the LSI APP3100 can completely offload these
functions from the host processor. The APP3100 features a compact 23 mm x
23 mm chip package, operates without external memory and consumes fewer
than four watts of power, minimizing board space and power requirements
for simplified integration and lower operating costs.

"The LSI APP3100 provides networking OEMs with a cost-effective
solution for Ethernet OAM and security functions," said Bob Wheeler,
senior analyst for The Linley Group. "With its memory-free design and
production-quality software, the APP3100 makes it easy to upgrade
existing system designs with new features like OAM or IPsec."

The APP3100 offers deterministic datapath bandwidth for packet
processing and traffic management. The processor also integrates
security features including public key acceleration and full hardware
offload of IPsec security processing. The processor’s two triple-mode
Ethernet ports, capable of operating at 10 Mb/s, 100 Mb/s or 1000 Mb/s,
provide flexible connectivity options for bump-in-the-wire applications.

"Today’s network equipment suppliers are being challenged to drive
down space and power in all new equipment," said Jim Anderson, senior
vice president and general manager, Networking Components Division, LSI.
"The APP3100 enables enterprise OEMs and service providers to
cost-effectively deliver Ethernet services that are richer, more
reliable and more secure."

The APP3100 communication processor can be deployed without complex
programming using the supplied configuration utility. LSI also provides a
production-quality, application-specific software package for the
APP3100 that reduces development time by supporting the leading IEEE,
ITU-T and MEF standards.


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