HTC Legend launched In India

The smartphone manufacturer HTC launched its new android phone Legend in Indian market the phone is alloyed with aluminum body, like other smartphones HTC Legend endorse social networking and is empowered with cool ways to keep in touch with friend circles.

HTC Legend

Legends sleek body comes with brilliant AMOLED display Along with powerful social networking, group communication, and unmatched level of personalization, The HTC Legend is designed to raise personalization to a whole new altitude.

It is having an expanded selection of widgets which brings more live content to the surface. There is even an online widget library, so no matter what your personality, there is content to help you get more out of your phone the phone is priced in india at Rs. 25,990.

Like the ringer that knows when it has been heard. The ringer volume politely lowers when the G-sensor on phone detects that the phone has been picked up, and it completely silences when you flip the phone upside down.


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