CytexOne Announces Stratus Appliance for Hosted BlackBerry Services

CytexOne today announced availability of a new Stratus
Appliance that gives Hosting Providers a turn-key solution for offering
Hosted BlackBerry services to small and mid-sized enterprises.

"The explosive growth of the BlackBerry Enterprise solution in
the business world today is creating enormous opportunity for Hosting
Providers that cater to small and mid-sized organizations. The CytexOne
Stratus Appliance was designed to provide Hosting Providers with Hosted
BlackBerry services in a simple and fast way to fill their client’s
needs, regardless of the total number of deployments," said Dan Levine,
CytexOne CEO and co-founder. "By providing an appliance that is already
configured and can be remotely managed and supported, Hosting Providers
can quickly roll out high-reliability Hosted BlackBerry services without
any hesitation. It takes all the trial and error out of serving this
rapidly growing market."

The CytexOne Stratus Appliance with Hosted BlackBerry services
comes complete with the features and licensing requirements that will
enable Hosting Providers to offer Hosted BlackBerry services to their
customers. The Stratus is highly cost-effective, easy to operate, and
keeps the control local.

The Stratus Appliance for BlackBerry is part of a family of
products that uses CytexOne’s proprietary Secure Distributed
Virtualization platform. This revolutionary distributed
host-and-infrastructure platform enables unprecedented access for client
premise devices for remote programming, monitoring, network maintenance
and server scalability.

"The Stratus Appliance is based on our distributed virtualized
platform, which can offer highly scalable Hosted BlackBerry services
without purchasing and configuring hardware, so buy-in as well as
ongoing costs are a fraction of traditional systems," notes Dan. The
Stratus not only dramatically reduces hardware needs and lowers energy
costs, but it also reduces downtime expenses due to CytexOne’s proactive

In addition, the Stratus Appliance is fully configured out of
the box so it sets up in under an hour, provides licenses for small to
large BlackBerry smartphone deployments, offers automated license
collection and reporting, and easy upgrading for customers. The Stratus
Appliance also simplifies remote monitoring of hardware, OS and Hosted
BlackBerry services. Providers can get encrypted, remote administrative
access to the BlackBerry Administration Service console from any web
browser anywhere in the world. CytexOne offers 24/7 support for its
Stratus infrastructure. The Stratus Appliance leverages Dell servers and
their hardware replacement program. Technical support for Hosted
BlackBerry services are available directly from Research In Motion.


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