SplashData released SplashID 5.3

SplashData, Inc. today announced a major update to its best selling SplashID password manager app for iPhone and iPod touch. The new SplashID version 5.3 includes a unique new pattern-based option for accessing a user’s secure database of passwords, web logins, account numbers, PINs, and other sensitive information. With this new feature, a user traces a distinct finger pattern on the screen and then uses that gesture rather than entering a traditional alphanumeric password to launch SplashID.

The new version of SplashID also offers French, Italian, German, and Spanish language support as well as optional additional icon packs to customize records.

iPhone users, like everyone else, are juggling more and more account numbers, logins and passwords, and while they need to be always accessible, they also need to be completely secure. One simple way for an identity thief to get complete access to a victim’s life is to steal their phone containing unsecured passwords and account numbers.

The newest version of SplashID for iPhone keeps this information as secure as ever, but makes it easier to access for the owner by using a finger to create a distinct pattern on the screen. With millions of possible patterns, it would be virtually impossible for anyone else to "crack the code" and access the iPhone owner’s most confidential information.

"For nearly ten years, SplashID has continued to be developed and refined to address the latest technologies and the ever-changing threats to our customers’ sensitive information," said Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData. "Using a finger pattern to unlock SplashID helps solve this dilemma by making it easier for our customers to obtain the information they need when they need it, while making it more difficult for anyone else to access and steal their data. Compared to traditional passwords, finger patterns tend to be more random and therefore harder to guess."

With the widespread adoption of the iPhone in Europe, offering localized versions of SplashID for French, Italian, German and Spanish-speaking countries was one of the most requested new features for SplashID. Labels, views, descriptions, and other text now all appear in their specific languages.

The new version also enables users to add to the already extensive set of icons built into SplashID by purchasing expanded icon sets for 99 cents. SplashID also enables users to create their own icons to represent their records. Both features continue SplashID’s long tradition of personalization and customization.

Pricing and Availability:
SplashID 5.3 for iPhone is available in the iTunes App Store for $9.99 (USD). The mobile app syncs seamlessly with the optional desktop companion software for Windows or Mac, also updated today to version 5.3, which can be purchased at the company’s website for $19.95.


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