Sonic Introduced RoxioNow

New Technology Platform and Logo Program to Drive Universal Access to Hollywood Entertainment and Personal Media from Web-Connected Devices.

Sonic Solutions, today introduced RoxioNow, a broad technology platform designed to simplify media access. RoxioNow allows PC makers, consumer electronics companies, and retailers to participate in the "over-the-top" video market and provides consumers a convenient way to access new Hollywood content, as well as their existing libraries of entertainment and personal media.

The RoxioNow platform involves Sonic’s complete range of Hollywood to Home products for creating, distributing, and enjoying digital content. This includes Sonic’s professional Scenarist® authoring workstations used in the production of Hollywood titles, its digital supply chain and cloud-based storage technologies for digital movie delivery and its successful consumer software products and services for on-device content access, management and enjoyment.

"For all of the conveniences and capabilities technology has afforded consumers, it has yet to address a very basic need – easy access to our media when and where we want," said Dave Habiger, President and CEO, Sonic Solutions. "With a 20-year history of developing digital media tools for professionals and consumers, and long-standing ties to PC vendors and CE manufacturers, Sonic is uniquely positioned to create the content delivery network required to fulfill this need. Whether it’s a Hollywood blockbuster or a home movie, our goal with RoxioNow is to provide consumers with persistent access to their favorite content from virtually anywhere."

In order to further distinguish Sonic’s digital platform from the retail storefronts it powers, RoxioNow will replace Roxio CinemaNow as the technology brand behind the services that Sonic currently runs for Best Buy, Blockbuster, Lionsgate and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. Sonic is introducing a new "Powered by RoxioNow" logo, which will appear on digital download stores and consumer electronic devices such as PCs, Blu-ray Disc players, mobile phones and HDTVs. The logo will enable consumers to quickly identify products offering a more flexible entertainment experience, including the ability to seamlessly access their premium content on connected devices from multiple manufacturers.

In the future, the RoxioNow platform and program will expand to offer consumers an easy way to access and share their personal content such as photos, videos, and multimedia creations. This part of the program will involve Sonic’s entire consumer software line such as its popular media editing applications Roxio Creator and Toast, as well as its online multimedia storytelling tool PhotoShow.



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