AVADirect Released New Line Up of AMD Opteron 6100 Series Processor

AVADirect recently added a new line of AMD Opteron servers, based off of the 6100 series processors. They are offered in eight- and twelve-core variants that will push any data, media, or processing server beyond limits. What separates the Opteron 6100 series processors from the rest is quite impressive. They feature new technology that has not surfaced, until now. Features such as AMD CoolCore with CoolSpeed, which monitors temperatures and adjusts fans to keep the processors at appropriate levels.

AMD PowerNow! will shift priority to cores that are handling more difficult tasks to complete them quicker. The 6100 series processors also support up to 12 DIMMS per CPU, allowing the most resource used in any server to date, without sparing. The processors only consume 80W, which is an idea that is entirely new to AMD. Usually, they are known for utilizing more power than any platform to date, but that is now history. AMD 6100 Series Servers will be offered in 2P/2U, 2P Tower, 4P Rack, and 4P Blade variants.



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