Xenoblade new RPG game for Wii out now

Nintendo has released a third trailer Xenoblade, one of the next big RPG to arrive on Wii. Announced under the name Monado, the next project from the creators of the series finally called Baten Kaitos Xenoblade. It will of course be an RPG for the opportunity for the Nintendo Wii. This action-RPG is already present as a headline to monitor closely, given the two videos previously released by Nintendo.

The Japanese publisher has released a new trailer that goes directly to the events at the site where they had completed . Thus we find our three heroes – Shulk, and Fiorung Dumban – prey to the onslaught of mechanical creatures came Kishin Corps, the other side of the world. These do not hesitate to attack civilians. Facing one of the robots, our trio decided to use the power of the blade Monado to get by. But the former soldier Dumban no longer able to handle it, the sword as choosing Shulk new bearer. What he does not know is that another person trying to get their hands on the powers of this destructive weapon.

Xenoblade is expected for June 10, 2010 in Japan, exclusively on Wii.


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